A Visit to Bruges

Visit to Bruges

I recently decided to have a quick holiday to Bruges in Flanders Belgium, a place I had never visited.

I managed to get a cheap flight to Bruges with a hotel included (much better value and less time consuming) by visiting a website that compare hotels in Bruges.

The place was absolutely amazing! I could not believe it 48 chocolate boutiques I was in heaven.

Having tasted the chocolate delights I decided to have a walk around the amazing public gardens and squares. The Burg the large square in the city was beautiful. Its fourteenth century city hall stands proud in this square. This spot is a real place to experience the wealth and affluence of such a fine city.

The next day I decide to walk round the churches and cathedrals of Bruges. There are three spires that dominate the skyline of Bruges. The Belfry was a steep climb up the stairs, but definitely worth it the view was superb. The Church of Our Lady has a brick tower, which I was led to believe is the highest in Europe and I thought the Saint Saviours Cathedral spire looked gorgeous having been restored.

If you like boat trips Bruges is the place for you. Cruising the Canals in Bruges was a fantastic and relaxing experience. It opens a whole new world of secret gardens, buildings and beautiful bridges.

I didn’t realise how many museums there were in Bruges and the differing styles of art. They have the general historical museums Gruuthouse, Onthaalkerk Onze-Lieve- Vrouw(Welcome to Church of our Lady) Brugse Vrije (liberty of Bruges),Archeologie ( Archeological Museum ) and Volkskunde ( Folklore).
If you like more contemporary work then you should visit Groeninge Museum and the Arentshuis they specialise in works from the fifteenth to the twenty first century.

The eighth century old St Johns Hospital is known as the Memling in Sint-Jan museum.If you like Flemish art work the collections of paintings by Hans Memling this has got to be a must. The silverwork at O.L.V –ter –Potterie ( Our Lady of the Potteries) was amazing as was its Baroque Church.

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