Beauty of Horizon Rising on Beach Destinations on the East Coast


Beach, Water, Sunshine! This is what a holiday looks like. Nature offers remedy for relieving the stress that individuals accumulate during their long tiring hours of work. People love to spend time on beaches due to a couple of reasons. For many people it is a best way to get closer to nature. The sea breeze breaths purer airs into the lungs and due to the calming influence of the sea, people feel cool and comfortable seeing kids and other people playing in the sand and in the water.

Beach destinations on the East Coast from the home for all

Families go to have great and wonderful time together. Children enjoy seeing dolphins and seagulls, collecting shells and playing in the sun. Teenagers go with friends to layout, chill out, to have drinks, listen to music and to have good times. The sky and the horizon, the sight of seeing the vast ocean, and the sound of waves provide an unforgettable experience. People love surfing, building sand castles and having lunch on the sea beach. Some of the best beach destinations on the East Coast are so abundant with the crowd that they tend to make the environment a lively place to merry with friends and family.

Beach destinations on the East Coast

Explore the major beach destinations on the East Coast

Floridians love to fly to Anna Maria Island, a hidden beach destination. It has an amusement park, all fast food chains and glitzy mega-resorts off its shores. Sixty percent of its land is open beach and no construction on this coast is more than three stories tall. It is very affordable and you can rent holiday homes with pools and water views in $1000 per week. Consistent sunny weather of San Diego attracts visitors throughout the year.

Thriving nightlife, mouth watering cuisine and one of the country’s famous zoos is the center of attraction for most of the visitors. Family-friendly, top-rated Coronado beach attracts thousands of tourists every year. Black beach is another gorgeous sandy spot where sunbathers prefer to go and La Jolla shores are popular for kayaking and snorkeling.

Kauai has a shoreline of about 50 miles to explore. Swimming can be done anywhere but people prefer the beaches on the South and North coasts, where the white sand stretches on and on and the surfer can easily improve their skill. Pristine and relaxing Kauai is one of the least developed Hawaiian Islands. It has more than sixty beaches, waterfalls and scenic drives. Some beaches have child-friendly tidal pool; others offer great snorkeling and some are suitable for all kinds of water sports.

Admired for its perfectly maintained and clean shores and is amongst one of the best beach destinations on the East Coast, Fort Lauderdale has many beaches. Be sure to walk the sand dunes on Hollywood beach, plan a picnic at Hallandale beach and check out the famous promenade at Fort Lauderdale beach. Nearly year-round sunshine, stretch of gorgeous beaches, great swimming and ideal climate attract thousands of visitors every year. Following renewal and renovation, upscale restaurant and stores have replaced the T-shirt shops and fast-food stands. Riverfront area is packed with bars where most of the nightlife lovers prefer to gather. With the network of waterways and canals, boats are the part Lauderdale lifestyle. Be sure to enjoy strolling along the beach at dusk or to spend some quiet time just soaking up the sun.

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