Eagerly Waiting For Your Wedding? Plan Your Day With Bridal Make Up Tips!

Bridal Make Up Tips

For every woman, wedding day values more than anything.

On the wedding day, every woman definitely wishes to look fabulous.

There are some bridal make up tips, which are useful for you to look gorgeous.

Sleep is necessary before your wedding day, so that you will not look dull or sick on the day of your wedding.

To make your skin smoother, use heavy pigmented cream foundation and apply powder foundation as a layer on it. For a combination skin type, use water-based foundation and dry sponge.

In order to cover reddish skin, utilize sheer color corrector and apply moisturizer of olive green shade to neutralize your skin.

Use sunscreens and sun blocks with vitamins and nutrients for good skin. Protect your skin a few months before your wedding by applying moisturizers, cleansers, and toners.

The most important bridal make up is to avoid looking like a painted face. So, apply powder foundation on your neck, ears, and chest also. Apply bronzing powder for cheekbones, which will give a natural glow.

Another tip of bridal make up is shaping your eyebrows with a professional before your wedding day. Apply the eyebrow pencil that coordinates the color of your hair and comb your eyebrows properly.

Apply concealer to avoid dark circles under your eyes and blend it in the direction of nose (use downward stroke).

Use concealer shade that is similar to the foundation. Put eyeliner to shape your eyes, but avoid harsh line. Curl your eyelashes with curler against dry lashes and then apply waterproof mascara.

Using a small brush to blend a medium tone color from below the brow arch down in a semicircular motion gives a perfect eye shape. Avoid applying blue or green eye shadows, bright color eye shadows, and gray color eye shadows also.

Choosing natural-colored eye shadows is one of the bridal make up tips, as this will make you look pretty in photos (use light peach color eye shadow as eyelid base).

After applying lip primer, apply foundation to the lips for fine base and let it dry. Then, define your lips with lip pencil (same shade of your lipstick) and fill your lips with the lip pencil.

Lastly, fill your lips with lipstick. Blot your lips with tissue paper and reapply the lipstick. Repeat the same for two times. Finally, apply lip-gloss or shimmer on your lips. This is the best bridal make up tip for long-lasting lipstick on your lips.

The hairstyle should suit your wedding dress. So, it is better to check what hairstyle suit you best before your wedding day.

Along with these bridal make up tips, keeping any of your friends nearby you with all things that you need for quick touchups is quite helpful.

Show wedding dress to your make-up person before your wedding, so that the make-up person will get an idea on how to establish your features. Although if you prefer to have make-up by professional on your wedding day, it is necessary for you to follow some bridal make up tips.

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