Experiencing A New Way to See London

hot air ballooning

London is one of the most spectacular cities in the UK and attracts millions of tourists each year, but there is a new way to experience the sights and sounds of London, in a hot air balloon! Adventure Balloons have been offering their balloon flights over London for a number of years and have several launch sites within a few miles of the Tower of London and the River Thames.

Good weather is key for a London Balloon flight, and wind direction is a major factor to keep the balloon out of restricted airspace; the wind speed must also be high enough to land the balloon clear of built up areas. Because of the Air Traffic restrictions, London flights are only available on weekday mornings, but once up in the air the views are truly staggering.

Passengers who experience a flight over London can expect to see various historical landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Big Ben, as well as modern landmarks like the Millennium Dome and the London Eye. Together with having one of the best vantage points over London, the balloon basket is the ideal place to capture some fantastic aerial photography.

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