Frequently Asked Questions about Balloon Flights

balloon flight

Here at Adventure Balloons we often get asked lots of questions about our balloon flights, so here are the most frequently asked questions and answers to give you a bit more information about a hot air balloon flight.

What do I wear on a balloon flight?

To be comfortable on your balloon flight it is recommended that you wear sensible outdoor clothes, the type you would wear for a walk in the countryside. Flat shoes, hiking boots or wellingtons are ideal footwear for the flight as the fields may be damp. It is also recommended that you cover up or take off loose jewellery that can get caught and that you bring a hat as the balloons burners heat up very quickly, especially on evening flights.

Is there an age limit?

Children wanting to take a balloon flight must be over the age of 8 and at least 4’6” high to see over the side of the balloon; children under 16 must also be accompanied by an adult. There is no upper age limit, but because ballooning is an outdoor sport, it requires a degree of agility to climb in and out of the balloons basket and to stand for approximately 1 hour.

What time of day do balloon flights take place?

A balloon flight takes place in the early morning or evening because the cooler temperatures help the balloon to rise faster, giving more lift. Times usually depend on the sunrise and sunset so change throughout the season, but generally morning flights take off at 6am and evening flights at 6pm.

What sort of weather do you need for a balloon flight?

Ballooning is weather dependant because it travels with the wind, so for a successful flight there must be good visibility, no rain and light winds. If your flight gets cancelled due to bad weather, the flight will be rescheduled to suit your timetable.

How do I book a balloon flight?

A hot air balloon flight can be booked online by purchasing a balloon voucher, over the phone or by printing the booking form and faxing it back to us. Along with your balloon voucher you will also receive a 20 page informational booklet that includes the launch site map, meeting times, FAQ’s and information about the balloon flight.

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