How Can I Book A Room in Eco Retreat Odisha?

Eco Retreat Odisha

Odisha is popularly known as the best-kept secret in India due to its magnificent ancient Kalinga architecture, untouched beaches, stunning ecotourism, and divine spiritual experience. But, nowadays, Odisha is famous for its luxury glamping tents that seem to be highly majestic and exotic. Eco retreat in Odisha provides a luxurious glamping experience along with the best drinks, food, accommodation, stunning cultural activities, and adrenaline-pumping activities. 

Enjoy delicious meals and comfortable tents amidst the wilderness of wild exotic animals, and you can’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. If that sounds exciting to you, plan for a trip to Odisha which allows you to enjoy the eco retreat glamping tents. But, how to book a room in an Odisha eco-retreat? Varying eco retreats nestled among lush greenery offer a comfortable and refreshing stay in luxurious tents. 

What to expect at eco retreat Odisha?

The Odisha eco retreat provides peace in its way, and the major reason why anyone should visit the place is due to its nature’s beauty and attractive reviews by visitors. The comfortable place includes various activities such as water sports, beach activities on camping sites, delicious cuisine, guided trips, and evening enjoyment. A beautiful experience, and as a source of glamping tents in Odisha, they deliver great services.

Booking of vacation

The lavish glamping site at Odisha awaits your presence, and to book a room in an eco retreat in Odisha, you could visit its official website – This website includes every glamping option offered by eco retreat. Scroll down on the page and select which eco retreat you wish to stay in, and then tap on the Read More button for that specific eco retreat. This would lead you to an informational page of that specific eco-retreat, where you could get knowledge about its lodging and facilities options. 

Tap Book Now option at the end of the page, and from here you could proceed to the booking website of Odisha Tourism. And, over this page, you are required to set up your location as Odisha under the Hotel menu, along with your stay duration. Then, you are required to type in the number of guests under the Guests and Room option for room booking. This would take you to various glamping options across Odisha.

Now, you would be driven to a page where you could choose a room type, either a premium Swiss cottage, that possesses a suite bathroom, the best sitting area, and a comfortable double bed. Or, a deluxe swiss cottage, that possesses an attached bathroom, roomy porch, and comfortable twin bed. After selecting the type of room, the next step is to enter your details and complete the payment procedure that ensures the booking of your comfortable room. Enjoy the luxurious glamping experience along with experiencing several outdoor activities that could leave you in astonishment. Being in harmony with beautiful nature has its magnificence, and Odisha glamping entirely embraces it. It is worthwhile to spend time here and to experience numerous things.

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