Is it Best to Take the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris or Fly?

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Euro star or Fly?

We have done both now. Both of which the children loved but the train I think is the best. You arrive wham bam in the middle of the Disneyland complex the village one end hosting most of the hotels unless you are really lucky and you are staying at the Disneyland Hotel. An amazing hotel right on the Disneyland doorstep. Who needs fast passes you are right at the entrance and are able to see the enchanted castle the parades the whole complex. A real fairyland experience.
The other resorts are just as exciting but there is a walk through the village and past other hotels some resorts further out need buses to get in.

The Disneyland village is exciting hosting an array of restaurants. The Rainforest Café is a must! How can food be that exciting I have never seen a restaurant with so many quietly eating children all waiting to see what was going to happen next! Its is an experience in itself. Take some time out in their shop you never know who will slide down from the ceiling to see what you are buying. The Disneyland Village also has other eating events like the Buffalo Wild West Restaurant and show yeh ha! There are also a multitude of arcade areas, rides, outside music and bands on the stage area. The wonderful Disney shop where you are able to buy all the hard to get Disney merchandise is another must it is being in Disney heaven.

The great thing with the village is that every day is different. The constant stream of new and leaving visitors. The early birds who take the morning stroll to buy fastpasses.The evenings, filled with tired little faces and the sound of a band or impromptu show and better still all through the day you never know who you will bump into Mickey? Cinderella? What a dream!

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