Lea Michele’s Secrets for Fit Body and Healthy Lifestyle

Lea Michele’s Secrets for Fit Body

Lea Michele is one of the stars of ‘Glee’. The 25 years old actress is known for being vegan and she also is known for being really fit. She recently shared some of her secrets regarding her lifestyle and her health.

Lea Michele’s Secrets for Fit Body

Her diet

Although she is believed to be vegan, she is going back and forth between being vegetarian and vegan. She believes that it is important to listen to our body and this is why she tries many different things. She trusts her body and eats what her body needs.

Being vegan and vegetarian

According to her the most important thing about becoming vegetarian or vegan is to make a commitment. She thinks that everybody should do the best things for them and she is aware of the fact that what is the best for her might not be the best for the other people. She just does what makes her feel good.


Lea Michele lost 10 pounds before she started working on ‘Glee’ due to the dance rehearsals. However she doesn’t have a strict fitness routine that she sticks to. She works out only when she feels like it. She just wants to take care of herself and she doesn’t want to fit into any kind of model.

She does her best to have a healthy diet and she is also trying to do her best in her job and personal life with her ultimate goal being to feel good. When thinking about her workouts, she says that she likes to keep it simple. She really loves hiking and going to the gym. Also she loves to ride the bike and to be outdoors.

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