Most Popular Dermatologist Treatments

Dermatologist Treatments

When it comes to skin, people will pay anything to look younger than they actually are. Women and men are turning to dermatologists to help them reduce the effects of time, but some treatments are more popular than others.

Botox is still getting a lot of press for those with deeper set wrinkles and creases. By paralyzing the muscles in the face, the skin appears smooth for months at a time. While you have to go back for touchups, both men and women can benefit from this treatment. Some patients have also reported that they have fewer headaches as a result of the Botox injections – and research is showing that this might be beneficial to those suffering from migraines. It’s a simple treatment that can be done over lunch with minimal side effects.

Restylane is another line and wrinkle filler that can help patients look fresher and younger. In addition, this injection can also be used in lips to help promote fuller lips. Again, the injections need to be repeated every few months, but this is a small price to pay for fuller lips and smoother skin within hours with little recuperation.

An even simpler practice is dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. Just as the names suggest, these practices involve removing a thin layer of the skin in order to reveal the younger, tighter skin underneath. By simply smoothing away this dull skin, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also enhancing your natural glow. You can also find home treatment kits for performing your own microdermabrasion with great success.

In addition, dermatologists are still recommending the use of Retin A to help with deep set lines as well as to help remove dull skin cells. Though you need a prescription for this medication, it’s been proven time and time again as an effective weapon in the fight against aging.

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