Sustainable Workouts – The New Trend Celebrities Embrace

Sustainable Workouts

Losing weight isn’t just about dieting and working out. It is very important to think about sustainable weight loss. This means that you lose weight and you manage to keep it that way. If you find this hard you should follow the lead of the celebrities who manage to do exactly that.

Sustainable Workouts

Kelly Clarkson

She says that looking good isn’t just about being thin. She is known to spend hours doing cardio, such as working on the treadmill even though she hates the gym. However she says that she doesn’t want to fit into the thin mold of Hollywood. She wants to make her fans understand that the point is to be happy and healthy. She doesn’t want to become super slim.

Kelly Osbourne

According to her the main point is to find something that motivates you. She is known to have lost 40 pounds when she participated in the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’. All she did was changing her diet and she also learned to love working out. Her motivation is to look good while she is working out.

Although she doesn’t wear mascara to the gym, she does apply some foundation and a bit of blush, just to look nice. This really works for her. It is important for her to like what she sees when she looks in the mirror.


The celebrity says that for sustainable workout you have to be ready to push yourself and to make some sacrifice. Although she made some mistakes in the past, she managed to find something that worked for her. She had a really strict diet and a serious workout regime.

It’s not only about your physical strength, but also about your mental strength. Regardless of what kind of trainer you have, you must be able to push yourself. Also it doesn’t really matter what program you are using. Just try to make the right choices and to stay healthy.

Jordin Sparks

She knows that there is no magic formula to losing weight. The celebrity is known to have lost 50 pounds when she changed her diet and found some workouts that she likes such as running and Zumba. She finds self-acceptance very important. It is important to remember that everything happens naturally.

Find some exercises you like and have a healthy diet. Everything should happen at your own pace. People have to remember that they are unique and they have to find things that work for them.

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