The Magic of A Hot Air Balloons Flight

Hot Air Balloons Flight

Offering its customers hot air balloon flights throughout the south east of England, Adventure Balloons can make your ballooning experience fantastic. With launch sites in Kent, Sussex and Essex as well as Oxford and exclusive London flights, it’s no wonder that the popularity of ballooning is growing.

See the countryside from a bird eye view and see landmarks from a different perspective, all from the safety of the wicker balloon basket as it floats majestically in the sky. Most passengers are owe struck when they look up into the balloon, describing it as looking like a kind of historic dome architecture, but the main attraction is the views.

The hot air balloon can travel up to 3,000 feet high and depending on the wind speed travel in excess of 20 miles across the landscape. This provides an opportunity to capture some great aerial photography that you can share with your family and friends.

A hot air balloon flight is a magical experience and is a great way to spend time with a loved one.

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