Top Tourist Destinations in USA

Mount Rushmore

The contemporary working schedule is one that pushes you to work all day long while having no time for other activities. When you wake up in the morning, there is a rush for getting ready and having breakfast. You have to get a cab, reach the office and maybe work till night. This is the general scenario of life of a working individual. How many times have you taken out time to think about the other part of your life? Of course your job is important but it is also essential to take out time to experience the various aromas that nature has to offer. So, get started with a trip to the best tourist destinations and release the pressure.

Top tourist destinations in USA help revive the pleasure of exploration

United States has many memorable landmarks including bridges, statues, memorials, monuments and iconic structures. Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park are the top landscapes and wild spaces which attract the tourists. Some of the top tourist destinations in the USA include the National Mall in Washington DC which is the central point of some of the memorials, monuments and famous landmarks. Millions of tourists come here each year to honor the nation’s leaders, pay respect to the fallen soldiers and to visit the monuments and memorials.

Top tourist destinations in USA – The countdown begins

A symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty is an important tourist attraction. Although the interior of this statue is closed for repair, tourists can visit Ellis Island and Liberty Island while on tour. Many years ago Faneuil Hall Marketplace was the meeting place for the Bostonians but today, this historic building contains restaurants, performance spaces and shops. Faneuil Hall Marketplace commonly known as Quincy Market has been a site of many declarations and speeches by famous American leaders.

It is also a focal point of tourist attraction. Disney World in Florida is a most popular vacation destination because here you can exchange your simple life for magical days of princesses, castles and other characters taken out of your favorite Disney movies and books.

Disneyland in California was designed and built on the theme of many cartoon characters, mainly Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida is a sister park of Disneyland and attracts more than forty million tourists every year. The golden gate bridge painted in international orange defines the city of San Francisco and is seventy five years old. Space needle was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi river before 1962. Fifty years later, it still attracts more than nine million visitors every year. People stand in a long queue to take elevators to see the wonderful views of the Pacific Northwest and Seattle.

Mount Rushmore, an icon of America is an original landmark. It has massive likenesses of four presidents namely Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington carved into the rock face in the black hills of South Dakota. Approximately three million tourists visit this unusual monument every year. New Orleans is a very popular destination which is famous for throwing big parties. Visitors come here to get the taste of Creole and Cajun cultures as well as to listen to great music. These are amongst the top tourist destinations in the USA that give a new meaning to the joy of exploration.

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