What to Pack For A Surfing Holiday

Surfing Holiday

As surfers we all know that planning and making sure we have everything is not something we do a lot. However when it comes to a surfing holiday you will want to take a little time to consider what you are going to take. It can be tedious to have to think about everything you will need in advance but it will make your travels all that more enjoyable.

It doesn’t even need to be a fully blown holiday it could just be a nice weekend trip to a beach location near where you live. Either way you will find there are some necessary things to pack. Obviously you need you board but I’m sure most people will remember this item. Flip flops, sandals and some other Animal clothing or your desired choice of beachwear will also be a good idea. For girls Roxy produce some nice items tailored to surfers whilst Billabong makes a lot of great clothing mainly for men.

Bringing camping equipment along with you on your travels will help you to make the most of your travels. The huge benefit is that you will be able to camp out at the beach and wake up to go surfing everyday. Obviously you will want to bring a tent and a sleeping bag. It should be fairly warm down by the sea even at night so only a thin sleeping bag will be required. Bringing a sleeping pad along will help you to get a better nights sleep and therefore enjoy your holiday experience more. Another option which is gaining in popularity is to take a hammock with you on your travels which can easily be strung up between any trees you can find.

Other necessities to bring along are some snacks like nuts, tuna and bread which will keep your energy levels up until you arrive and find somewhere to eat. If it’s cold then a wetsuit will keep you warm when in the water and sun cream is always a good idea regardless on the conditions.

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